Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration

If your grass isn’t growing and your lawn seems hard, it may just be time to aerate. As part of our lawn care services, our team will come by and aerate your lawn loosening up the soil and allowing more oxygen to get into the ground allowing your grass to spread their roots and grow. Aeration also helps to reduce thatch in your lawn. We recommend getting Fertilizer, Lime and Overseeding as well so your yard can quickly become the best in the neighbourhood.

Lawn Fertilizer & Liming

Our Fertilization and Liming program will leave your lawn greener than ever. We make sure to use quality products and we are extremely thorough so we do not miss a single patch of soil. We recommend overseeding to ensure a thick covering of grass.

Over Seeding

Is your lawn patchy? Try our Overseeding plan! Our team will lay down an even spread of perennial grass seeds fit for the amount of sun your lawn receives, thickening up your grass and improving the pedigree of your lawn. We recommend getting Fertilizer and Lime put down at the same time to guarantee your grass will grow into your ideal lawn.

Power Raking

Does your lawn contain a lot of thatch (dead grass?). Our lawn care service includes power raking your lawn to remove excess thatch, allowing the new grass to grow unimpeded.

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