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Lawn Aeration

  • Creating small holes in the soil of a lawn to improve its health and vitality.
  • If your grass isn’t growing and your lawn seems hard, it may just be time to aerate.
  • Save time and effort, ensure proper technique, and provide expert advice on lawn care maintenance.

Lawn Fertilizer & Liming

  • Our program uses high-quality fertilizers to nourish and improve your lawn, resulting in a greener and healthier lawn.
  • We are extremely thorough in our application process, ensuring that no patch of soil is missed.
  • Every part of your lawn receives the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

Over Seeding

  • Is your lawn patchy? Try our Overseeding plan!
  • Our team will lay down an even spread of perennial grass seeds tailored to the amount of sun your lawn receives.
  • Overseeding can thicken up your grass and improve the overall appearance of your lawn.

Power Raking

  • Does your lawn contain a lot of thatch (dead grass?).
  • Our lawn care service includes power raking your lawn to remove excess thatch, allowing the new grass to grow unimpeded.

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