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OUR Lawn Maintence SERVICES

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Hedge Trimming

  • Skilled hedge trimming by trained professionals
  • Precision trimming to maintain shape, size, and health of hedges
  • Removal of dead or diseased branches for better hedge vitality
  • Thinning out of overgrown areas to improve air circulation and sunlight penetration

Lawn Edging

  • Dedicated lawn edging specialist on our team
  • Expertise in both initial bed edging and reshaping
  • Ability to bring bed edges, patios, and driveways to the next level with sharp edges
  • Professional service for achieving crisp and defined edges

Spring & Fall Clean up

  • Thorough removal of winter debris, such as leaves, branches, and debris
  • Raking and removal of leaves and debris to prevent damage to the lawn
  • Preparation of the lawn and landscape for the growing season
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding for optimal growth in the following spring

Weeding & Bedwork

  • Weed removal service for beds, driveways, paths, and patios
  • Weekly or bi-weekly weed maintenance by our lawn maintenance team
  • Use of environmentally friendly substances for weed control
  • Effortless way to keep your garden beautiful for summer entertaining

Plant Removal

  • Plant removal service for unwanted or overgrown plants
  • Efficient and safe removal of plants from your lawn or landscape
  • Proper disposal of removed plants and debris
  • Customized plant removal solutions based on your specific needs and preferences

Mowing & Whipping

  • Efficient whipping service to clear tall grass, weeds, and brush from your property
  • Well-groomed and manicured lawns
  • Use of high-quality mowing equipment to achieve a clean and even cut
  • Trimming and edging of lawn edges, walkways, and obstacles for a polished look

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