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Green Scholars is a locally operated landscaping and lawn care company. We offer a wide variety of landscaping and lawn care services and pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date techniques. Our outdoor services are offered in the following areas of Nova Scotia: Halifax, Clayton Park, Dartmouth, Fairview, Bedford and Lower Sackville.

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Green Scholars

What We Do

Lawn Maintenance

We have many years of experience in lawn maintenance services such as hedge trimming, edging, plant removal, and much more

Lawn Care

Experts in aeration, mowing and whipping, power raking and over seeding


We provide exterior siding cleaning, sod installation, patio and pathway cleaning and retaining walls

Lawn Maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Do you have an unruly hedge or shrub? Let us help you keep it under control with our Lawn Hedging and Pruning service!

Lawn Edging

Our team contains a lawn edging specialist. Whether you need your bed edged for the first time or just reshaped we can bring your bed’s, patio’s, even driveway’s edge to the next level with the sharpest edges you have seen.

Spring & Fall Clean up

If you need help with all of the debris left behind after a long winter look no further. We will remove all debris left on your lawn to help ensure your grass will grow unimpeded. In the fall we can remove all the leaves that fall onto your lawn, making your lawn much easier for spring cleaning. The leaves look pretty on the trees, not your lawn.

Weeding & Bedwork

No time to weed your beds? No worries. As part of our landscaping and lawn care services, our team will come and weed them for you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis making sure to leave no weeds behind. We can also come along using environmentally friendly substances to clear your driveway, paths and patios of weeds. Make it easier for yourself this summer to show off your backyard to friends and family by taking the work out of having a beautiful garden.

Plant Removal

That unsightly bush in your yard causing you to lose your mind? Our team can help with that buy removing any bushes shrubs or small trees you want making sure to leave no mess behind for you to deal with. Looking for something to fill the hole left behind? We can always help replace what you wanted removed with something of your choosing.

Mowing & Whipping

At Green Scholars we pride ourselves on our tidy mows. Our Mow team is trained to tame any unruly lawn and turn it into a beautiful paradise with a crisp clean cut. We pride ourselves in never leaving a blade of grass uncut. We ensure this standard is maintained and we whip any missed grass down leaving your lawn flawless. When we leave we leave no mess behind!

Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration

If your grass isn’t growing and your lawn seems hard it may just be time to aerate. Our team will come by and aerate your lawn loosening up the soil and allowing more oxygen to get into the ground allowing your grass to spread their roots and grow. Aeration also helps to reduce thatch in your lawn. We recommend getting Fertilizer, Lime and Overseeding as well so your lawn can quickly become the best in the neighbourhood.

Fertilization & Liming

Our lawn fertilizer service and Liming program will leave your lawn greener than ever. We make sure to use quality products and we are extremely thorough so we do not miss a single patch of soil. We recommend overseeding to ensure a thick covering of grass.

Over Seeding

Is your lawn patchy? Try our Overseeding plan! Our team will lay down an even spread of perennial grass seeds fit for the amount of sun your lawn receives, thickening up your grass and improving the pedigree of your lawn. We recommend getting Fertilizer and Lime put down at the same time to guarantee your grass will grow into your ideal lawn.

Power Raking

Does your lawn contain a lot of thatch(dead grass?) We will come by and Power Rake your lawn removing the access thatch allowing the new grass to grow up unimpeded.


Patio & Pathway Cleaning

Is your patio not as vibrant as it used to be? We will remove all dirt and stains off your patio and pathways making them look as good as new. Our Profesional Power washer will make sure to turn your property into the talk of your neighbourhood.

Exterior Siding Cleaning

We will remove all dirt, grime, mold and mildew from the exterior of your home, returning it to its original state. We will provide a fresh look to your home for all your neighbours to see.

Sod Installation

New sod offers a fast and effective solution to the dead, dying and/or unhealthy grass. We will design and build your custom outdoor living area with quality materials and superior installation. In Halifax, early fall is the best time to sow grass seeds for a number of reasons. Seeding in the fall allows cool-season grasses to establish before winter. Try to sow two months before the first frost of the season.

Patio & Retaining Walls

A properly designed outdoor patio or retaining wall will allow you to extend your living space beyond the walls of your house.

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